When Marriott Rewarded Me!

There’s a million hotels to stay at when you’re trotting the globe. For a frequent flyer like myself, comfort, convenience and luxury is key. I want to feel like I’m at my home away from home. That’s why having the understanding of a traveler’s needs and wants is of paramount importance for any successful hospitality operation.

On my recent trip to New York, I experienced the very best of what Marriott Rewards had to offer–beyond just the hotel–through its new experiences marketplace.

The Marriott Rewards experiences marketplace https://www.experiencesmarketplace.com/ was unlike anything I had ever encountered as a hotel guest or patron. Members can receive the very best of what cities have to offer and use their points to get exclusive access to high profile, elite opportunities that turn your regular trip into a journey.

This evening, I was a guest at a very intimate wine tasting by award winning sommelier Aldo Sohm. As he took us through 6 hand picked wines and charcuterie, we were able to relax and enjoy a reprieve from our travels. From learning how to appropriately taste wine, understanding the importance of glass size and shape, to the type of fragrances you can find in a particular wine, the wisdom and professional tips made it feel like I was in a remote vineyard somewhere in Europe. After a few hours, I felt like I had all the knowledge of an industry veteran. For instance, learning how each glass affects the taste of the same wine, to color having no basis for fullness and other great pieces of information, commonly misunderstood, made the experience feel unique and created to give me an insider’s look.

This elevated event is just one of the many ways Marriott Rewards recognizes and rewards its members with sophisticated, luxury experiences that are always a response to your needs and interests.

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Photography By: Demi Ward


June 27, 2016
July 1, 2016